In this busy day and age, sometimes it’s difficult to find time to clean your home, no matter the square footage. In fact, many people find that having a smaller apartment is just as difficult to clean as a larger house because everything tends to be a little closer together. But just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t hire someone to clean your home.

An apartment cleaning service can help destress your life and make your apartment a healthier place to live.

Why is having an apartment cleaning service a great idea?

There comes a time when each person that has their apartment will need to do a full service cleaning. Even if you consider yourself the cleanest person, there are areas in your apartment you can miss. Every person, even if it’s only once in a while, should have a professional come in and just clean the apartment until it is spick and span.


Because cleaning your apartment isn’t just about it looking good, it’s also about good health. It’s feels good to come home to a house that is completely clean, it makes you happy to be at home. Also when you have a professional service like Maid in Wisconsin come in and professionally clean your home you are making the environment safe for your family and visitors.

Having clutter and dust accumulation can not only cause higher susceptibility to allergies but also can breed diseases, insect infestation and mold spores that can seriously affect your health.

Maid in Wisconsin has been servicing the Sturtvant and Racine Wisconsin area for over 8 years. We specialize in professional apartment cleaning we not only clean every room in the home, but can also deep clean your furniture with our state of the art cleaning equipment.

This will remove dust, and other mold spores not visible to the naked eye that can cause serious breathing and respiratory issues. Mold comes from moisture and areas where air flow is not present. When you have hot humid days with poor airflow mold can grow. By using the expert cleaning services of Maid in Wisconsin we can help prevent that growth by consistently cleaning the areas in the home that promote the growth of mold.

What makes Maid in Wisconsin the better choice

When you decide to use our apartment cleaning service, you not only get superior professional cleaning, you also get the best and safest cleaning supplies used inside your home.

Maid in Wisconsin understands that not all cleaning supplies are created equal. We understand you may have children and using supplies that have harsh chemicals can affect their fragile and developing health.

We only promote and use Green Seal certified products, we understand that the air quality inside your home, the counters you eat off of and the areas you spend the most time should not be filled with poisonous chemicals floating through the air when you return.

We care about the environment and want to make sure the environment you spend your time in is safe.

We also offer the best guarantee in the business. We make sure you are 100% satisfied with our cleaning services or we will return within 24 hours of you informing us and service the apartment again free of charge. And if that’s not to your satisfaction you pay nothing at all.

That’s right, we are so confident in our ability to clean your home and exceed your expectations we give you a full service guarantee… you have no risk what so ever.

Many of our clients have been with Maid in Wisconsin since the day we opened our doors, and for good reason.

We care about our customers, we offer the best service and all of our staff can be trusted to know what they are doing. We provide comprehensive training and supervision in the field to make sure our standards and mission are upheld.

We know our success comes from our people and we cherish the challenge to continue to offer exceptional service and value.

We know your busy let us help you

Life is hectic, working a full time job, helping the kids with homework, getting dinner prepared. This leaves no energy to clean up your apartment and then find a sliver of time for yourself to relax before you have to wake up and do it all again. It’s exhausting!

That is why Maid in Wisconsin is here. We come on your schedule, bi-weekly, monthly or even once a week and make sure you can focus on the other things that need your attention.

Life is hectic and stressful enough as it is. We invite you to see why we are loved by our clients and trusted for so many years.

We have cleaned thousands of homes and have no problem extending our expert services to you and your apartment as well.

We are bonded, licensed and insured so you can be at ease that we are protected and run our business professionally.

Do Yourself a Favor and Hire Maid in Wisconsin

When you think of an apartment cleaning service, you might say I don’t need that! However, it never hurts to have a professional come in and do a full service clean on your apartment. There are so many little areas that can be missed because you don’t have the equipment to reach those areas.

Here at Maid in Wisconsin we know the lifestyle grind can become so tedious things begin to slip to the waste side. Wiping down a counter top, sweeping and mopping do help… absolutely. But can you be sure it’s killing dangerous bacteria?

We do deep cleaning and really get into all the cracks and crevices were mold dust and grime grow and leave every room in the house sparkling clean which increases health benefits by improving air quality for your family.

If you want the cleanest apartment in the building call us at (262) 634-6445 and allow Maid in Wisconsin to show you that we are the only apartment cleaning service, you will ever need.